Speakers and Workshop Leaders

This year's conference will approach the topic of migration of workers with different skill levels. This poses a challenge to policy makers who need to reconcile the difference in demand and supply of labour in all ranges of the skill spectrum, for all sectors of the economy; all with one single policy to tackle the problem.

To analyze this situation, we have selected a group of speakers that will approach migration into Germany from different angles:


Živka  Deleva (Professor on international migration and EU policies, currently director of an emergency accommodation in West-Berlin) is a professor in the areas of international migration and EU policies, human rights protection, academic communication and methodology of law. Her research focuses on migration trends and migration theories, international and forced migration as well as on legal provisions in Europe. Prior to teaching at the Willy Brandt School she worked at the Institute of European Studies and International Relations at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Professor Deleva earned her Diploma at the Law Faculty “Iustinanus Primus” in Skopje, Macedonia and holds a Ph.D. in European Policies and Studies from Comenius University in Bratislava. Her Ph.D. Thesis focused on the formation of the European migration system.


Dr. Henry Schuermann (Education Program Officer Misereor e.V.) Dr. Schuermann currently holds a position as Education Program Officer at the National Liaison Office of Misereror in Berlin. Misereor is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. He holds 20 years of work experience in and on Asia, Australia and Pacific. He is an expert on crisis and disaster assessment and interventions. Dr. Schuermann has completed his doctorate degree in English & American Studies, at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany. 


Rebecca Tlatlik (Scholar on labour market integration, currently consultant at ICUnet.AG) is a scholar in the field of labour market integration. She has completed her Ph.D. at the department of Development Economics, Migration and Agricultural Policy at the University of Kassel with a focus on migration of international students to Germany, and their integration into the labour market. Ms. Tlatlik has presented her work at several academic conferences internationally. Currently, she is working for ICUnet.AG one of Germany’s largest global mobility companies. At ICUnet.AG she is involved in designing both programs for migration and integration for international expatriates and tailor-made training programs for intercultural awareness. 


Anne-Marie Kortas is a founding member of Angehört - a Berlin based refugee initiative offering legal information to and acting as an interface for asylum seekers in Berlin and Brandenburg. She has been active in this initiative since June 2014. A public policy Master’s graduate, Anne-Marie worked for several years in the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), following her research interests on labour policies, sustainable development and workers’ rights. Anne-Marie has also participated in international research projects, analyzing for example the relationship between the informal economy and corruption and has worked for the ILO in Costa Rica. 

Ulla Kalbfleisch-Kottsieper (CLosing remarks)

Frau Kalbfleish-Kottsieper is an expert in the field of European Integration, with a focus on Western Balkan countries and the European Neighborhood policy. Her work experience includes the leadership of the Office for European Integration and legal policy in the Thuringian Ministry of Justice, focusing on the implementation of the Stockholm Program and expanding the voting rights of EU citizens. During her time there she focused on EU - Western Balkans and European Neighborhood Policy, Lisbon Treaty implementation at country level, and refugee/migration policy. Some of her local involvements include: initiator of the Circle of Friends "Willy Brandt rooms at Erfurter Hof" (2003) and Co-initiator of the Thüringer Straße of Human Rights and Democracy in 2013.