Bridging Gaps Conference 2015


This year the Bridging Gaps conference will be focusing on migration and integration of labour forces in Germany. Migrants, regardless of the country they are moving to, face problems of integration and assimilation upon arrival in their destination country in the European Union.  The European Union lacks a common migratory policy and as a member of the Union, Germany is not exempt from this problem. In recent years, Germany has emerged as the second most popular migration destination behind the United States of America. Popular reasons for this include EU enlargement, the freedom of movement within the EU, and the economic crisis in southern Europe. Furthermore, civil conflicts within countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya have also led to an increase in the number of asylum-seekers in the country. Migrants, beginning at the primary-school level, are often faced with the problem of climbing the social ladder, which in turn leads to difficulties in improving economic well-being. This conference will look at German policies towards integration and migration in order that participants can further their knowledge in this field of public policy.




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